Diary Dates 2023

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Pool night. See below.

Cylinders. See below.

RIB. See below.

Thursday Night. See below.

Club dive in the UK. See below.

Scouts. See below.

Tenerife. See below.

· Pool night. Open water courses will be running. Advance Open Water Course or those that have conpleted their Open Water Course we will be going over how to put up a SMB & how to get out of it if tangled up in it Above the water & below. Should be fun bring your gloves.

· Cylinders. Are all down at the pool.

· RIB. Is now at Humber RIB in Hull & will be they’re till the end of February. They have not contacted be as yet.

· Scouts. Sunday 11th June 2023 at 17 00hrs to 18 00hrs. We have a pool session with then going over there snorkeling. This is in preparation for there weekend away with us.

· Club dive in the UK. Porthkerris. This will take place from 30th June to the 9th July. More information to follow.

· Scouts. We will be taking them to Kimmeridge on July 14th, 15th& 16th 2023. They will be snorkeling over the weekend along with boat handling. There will be free Scuba Diving in the afternoon & evening on the Saturday & Sunday for all who help. There will be more information to follow.

· Tenerife November 2023. Contact Matt for details.

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